I didn't know what to say to Angelo after that. Truthfully I was thinking of never speaking to him but after what he says he's going to try to do for me I can't exactly ignore him but I really didn't know what to say.

Daniel had disagreed with Florence's plan gesturing towards the sky which darkened with every moment. I would be fine wandering through the night but these humans. I'm guessing like everything that their senses were duller than mine. Everyone had begun to set up these things called 'tents' and it was obvious after a moment that I didn't have one.

Angelo seemed to notice this only after everyone snuck off into their own. He glanced at me. "You could just go now" he whispers. I shook my head confused by my own refusal to run home. "Why not?"

'They would hurt you' I think to him and his face softens. 

"You shouldn't worry about me... I betrayed you remember" he says. I wince stepping back and hugging my stomach. Of course I remembered. The betrayal had caused humans to land on my planet. When Daniel had looked across it I didn't see wonder just this undesirable hunger to rip it apart.

I turn away from Angelo gazing over my planet feeling a lovely warmth enter my chest. The same warmth I had felt for Angelo before he broke his promise. Oh gosh, I had been falling in love with him. I look back pained then down at the swaying grass. 'You want to still save me though' I think to him. 

"Of course, Elia" Angelo says moving over to me. I swallow and look up at him. His features that while dull just seem to pull at me in a way that is so foreign. It's like looking at the earthern ground you've seen every day until one day you realise that there is actually something more to it.

Angelo is a child of Earth. I feel my heart beginning to pound and Angelo stays stand calm and still. Which I when I can't stand it. I can't stand this distance. I can't stand putting a wall between us. A wall I really, seriously, do not want. So instead I put my hands either side of Angelo's face.

I trace his features and slowly go up on my tiptoes. "Elia..." Angelo whispers but I'm no longer paying attention to words. I'm far past that. Way past that in fact. I'm at a point where I just want to do not think. So, I do. I press my lips on Angelo's lightly in the way I've seen other Oteri do with their partners. The action is so foreign but the moment my lips touch is I feel like I'm falling.

"What the hell?!" someone suddenly yell out. I pull back stumbling away from Angelo. I see Florence watching with pure disgust. "You're kissing that thing"

"Get lost, Florence" Angelo snaps with a flash of annoyance across his features. The crew women shakes her head. "Run" Angelo whispers to me.

'Not without you' I think to him then blush looking down. Florence on the other hand has turned away to do something.

"Please"Angelo whispers.

'I'm not leaving you to get hurt' I snap into his mind. Angelo winces and I take that moment to grasp his hand. I take off at a run and reluctantly so does Angelo. It's several moments before Florence turns around I guess because she doesn't shout straight away.

"Prisoner escaping!" she yell about two minutes later when I've already got Angelo to the start of the mountains where trees spurt.

"Elia, you'd be quicker without me" Angelo hisses but I don't stop. I keep going and soon I know we've put about a mile between us and the crew but also several bruises on Angelo's legs. Only about a day and a half trek to go though.

The End

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