It was beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Far past Earth, just by looking around, anyone would make the assumption that this planet had useful resources and materials. It passed the levels of nature that Earth held, in fact it was a whole new level.

The others split up to follow the tasks that Daniel, our so-called leader had assigned them. I wouldn't have even cared if it weren't for the fact that he'd given me the job to guard 'the prisoner'. Elia wasn't a prisoner. She was a friend and someone I cared about. Whether he'd told me to or not, I would have protected her.

Elia stood still, not even daring to look at me as I watched her. I bet she could feel my own emotions, seeing as we were both telepathically connected but even if she did, she chose to ignore the guilt and pain that kept my heart low.

The conversation I'd had with Daniel was still in my head. He was waiting for me to retort, to strike my own team. I wasn't even sure if I was going to be a 'rebel' as Marcus had put it a long while back.

But I did know that this wasn't just another small problem. My decision would affect things greatly. And I had to choose between Elia and my own kind, quick.

"Daniel, we've done a quick scan around, nothing too dangerous around here.  I think we could go ahead," Florence said, speaking quickly and excited. She caught Elia's gaze which was furious but Florence looked away, disgusted. "Besides, the faster we get this done with, we could get rid of her."

I felt a muscle twitch in my arms as the urge to go hit her, even if she's a woman, came onto me. I ignored it and stepped in front of Elia, hiding her from the others. Quickly, whispering over my shoulder while the others were discussing, I said, "El, I'm going to help with you this. Just do as I say, and you'll get the chance to go see your family. Warn them and protect yourself. I'll...face the consequences."

Daniel should have known better than to trust me with her. He should have known far better.

The End

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