Summer Mountains

When I woke the shuttle was landing and I couldn't hold back the yawn. The crew looked over at me and I immediatly went back to my grumpy self. I folded my arms and looked away from all of them. Daniel stands up from the pilot seat of the shuttle and stretching his limps once moved on to address the crew.

"Are first priority is to set up base" he instructs. "It seems to be already night down here so at sunrise we shall travel out on our trek to scan out all the close to surface locations of raw materials. That means marking any ores, forest lands and sources of water"

I swallowed from my seat with wide eyes. They were really going to strip my planet of any source of raw material. They were going to leave it a barren wasteland where no life can go. 

"Masks on everybody" Daniel yelled putting his on which seemed more like a space helmet. He walked over to me and grabbed my arm. "Since you live here you should have no problem with the air" he says darkly dragging me to the door. He presses a button causing a hiss to go out before the door slowly opens with a small humming sound of all the motors moving. Once it open Daniel releases my wrist puts a hand on my back and shoves me out the door.

I stumble out falling into a roll before ending up laying on the ground on my back. Everyone walks out then gasps. I sit up and know why. We're at the summer mountains. With the sun setting the stone seems to glow a vibrant orange. Suddenly a hand is in front of me and I look up to see its Angelo. I bare my teeth at him then force myself to my feet ignoring his offer of help. 

Taking in a lovely deep breath of the air I smile. It's Spring which will mean my family and everyone I know won't be far from here. They will all be settled on the other side of the summer mountains. I almost bounce with excitement but then remember who I'm with and hug my stomach. I'm so close to being home yet so alone.

"The airs clean, Daniel" Florence yells then they all remove their helmets. 

"Okay, Samantha make sure their are no poisoness substances in the area. Alexander and Marcus, unload the shuttle. Florence and Daniel set up the gear. Angelo... guard the prisoner"

The End

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