After everyone else left the room, Daniel turned around to meet my gaze, locking the door behind him to make sure no one would interrupt. I wasn't scared of him. I didn't have a reason to be. But the worry that Elia had felt had reached me, leaving me feeling a little insecure and uncertain.

"So Angelo, I see you've become more than just friendly with the little devil," he started, smiling cruelly at me. I ignored the double meaning in his words and didn't say anything. "You should know far better than to associate with something like her. It's clearly not human. It can't be trusted."

"Stop calling her it. Her name is Elia," I spat at him, gritting my teeth.

"So it has a name? And you obviously care...touchy about it are you?"

Before I knew what I was doing, I felt my fist make hard contact against Daniel's jaw. But even after a punch like that, he gave me a ruthless smile from down on the ground.

"You have no idea what you're diong. You're young, naive. Listen to me."

"I don't need to listen to anyone. If you're even human, you should have the realisation that she might not be like us but she still is life. Doesn't that matter or mean of any value to you?"

Daniel didn't say anything, getting up from the ground slowly.

"The witch must have cast a spell on you," he muttered, wiping a trace of blood. I flexed my fingers, feeling the anger resurface but Daniel didn't provoke me further, instead saying, "You should know we're doing this for our own good Angelo. Whether you decide to stay away from the thing or not is your choice. But it's forbidden and it's wrong."

Moving towards the door he unlocked it and swung it open, but before stepping out, turned back one more time and looked directly at me, his eyes blazing. "But do know that you can either be with us or against us. Choose for yourself. And I believe I've got Marcus in on this one."

He flashed me one last sickening grin of his before leaving me alone in the room, wondering what in the hell I'd gotten myself into.

The End

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