He'd promised! Promised even after he knew how much it meant to me. Now he was going to stand aside and watch my planet be destroyed. Even with the knowledge it was inhabited I bet they were still going to continue. 

I knew the ship enough to find me room again and jumped into the hammock already starting to cry. We'd shared something I knew we had. I had felt... gosh, I am disgusted at myself. I had felt love for a human. My first ever experience and I fell for a vile creature who was about to mine and murder my planet. 

I found myself crying so much that soon I was deep deep asleep. I was so tired. So alone. The life I had was gone. It had been torn from my fingertips while I had been thrown to the dogs of hell. I should of known they were after my planet. I should of stopped them but I had been so frightened, such a coward, that I had just stood by in the hope that it wasn't and I wouldn't have to do anything.


That's what I was. A sudden clang woke me from my slumber and Daniel stormed into my room yanking me from the hammock. "God, Daniel, leave her alone. She's been through enough" Angelo whispered appearing in the door. He was staring at his feet and looked like a wounded mutt. 

He had given in. I noticed it even more as Daniel laughed dragging me from the room and shoving Angelo aside. "A telepath. You should of told me sooner, Angelo" he snapped like the cruel leader I knew he was.

Angelo muttered something beneath his breath and I saw the rest of the crew. The angriest of them all seemed Marcus. God, I had ripped this whole team apart. I actually felt a little victory but I couldn't smile.

"Well, if its her planet I'll guess she'll want to go home. Florence ready the shuttle. Marcus, you go with her" Daniel ordered. Everyone just went without even a snip of an argument. I saw Angelo's head lower further. "Want to go home, witch?"

"Monster" I snapped beginning to grow fond of the word even though my voice was almost baby-like as I spoke. 

Daniel laughed and shoved me to Alexander. "Secure the prisoner and escort her to the shuttle. Ready the supplies, Samantha. I need a good long talk with Angelo" Daniel said smiling so cruely at Angelo I felt fear for him.

Angelo looked over at me his eyes wide and I could tell my worry had reached him. "Don't worry" he whispered a moment before Alexander snapped the heavy chunks of metal around my wrists and began to drag me away. I struggled of course but I was useless without my arms and tired. I was so so tired. Which is how I found myself passing out as I was dragged on to yet another human ship.

The End

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