Pushed Away


Dread seeped into my heart the moment I realized what Elia meant. This was her planet. She watched me with eyes full of anger and fury towards the others, but I could see that glimmer of hope she had for me that I'd convince them not to do to this. Instead, I felt speechless.

This was the planet I'd been recruited onto the crew to find. It was our biggest dream, especially mine to find it. And now here I am, so close. But I had to choose between Elia and the very purpose of this mission, I was torn.

Angelo, stop them. This is wrong.

Her voice echoed through my head but the uncertainty, the hesitation that showed on my face pricked her.

How could you possibly invade this planet, knowing it's mine? You promised.

"Elia, I don't know but this is the purpose of the mission. How can I-"

Oh so that's all that matters. Getting what you want. You humans are so selfish.

Her words were biting and I felt the hurt start inside me as a result. The others were watching us with curiosity, going from one face to another.

"How are they even communicating?" I heard Daniel ask himself but I didn't have the time to answer any of their petty questions as my gaze flickered back to Elia's face. Her features were pulled into an expression of complete fury.

I can't believe you. I thought you were different. But I should have known you'd be as worse as them.

"Elia, wait."

Before I could manage to stop her with what I really wanted to say, she pushed past me and the others, storming out of the room leaving me with the others. They watched me, waiting for it. But for the first time, I reacted wordlessly, leaving to know that I had better things than to explain to people that would care the least.

The End

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