Is this the beginning?

Waking up I felt my brothers warmth against me and happily I snuggled closer. Then the scent hit me and my eyes flew open. Everything rushed back to me and I looked up and Angelo's sleeping face. I saw how close our bodies were which as I did made me only want them closer.

Taking a slow breath I slipped easily out of the hammock without disturbing Angelo. I really wanted to go for a walk and stretch my legs but I was scared. Then there was a knock on the door. Slowly, I moved over to open it only an inch. It was Marcus who had knocked and at the sight of me he smiled. "Is Angelo here?"

I open my mouth to try and say the word then don't because I don't trust this Marcus for a strange reason. Instead I open the door an inch more so he can see Angelo lying in the hammock asleep. I look at the sleeping figure as well unable to stop the smile slipping onto my lips.

"Ah, he's asleep... well, maybe I can show you" he says. I turn to find him smiling at me. "We've found the planet and its a beautiful sight. I was hoping to show Angelo since he's been the one guiding us here over the past few months but I think its best he sleeps. So how about I show you?"

Despite feeling a little cold inside as I look at Marcus I still nod and he steps back away from the door so I can slip out of the room. Walking along through the metal corridors I once again feel this almost sense of being suffocated. Then we reach a part of the ship I had not yet seen. Although I hadn't seen much. Only a few corridors a couple of rooms and then the dining area.

"This is the main deck" Marcus says stopping in the middle as Alexander and Daniel turn to death glare at me from the controls. I'm not looking at them though because through the big glass windows I'm seeing what I hoped I wouldn't. 

My planet... I move up to the window and press my hands to the glass gazing down at it. The beautiful violety blue oceans and the puffy clouds hiding the beautiful green plant life.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Marcus says. "We're certain this is the planet with the resources we need. Completely bare of living creatures"

"No" I scream and punch Marcus. Daniel and Alexander are over in a minute yanking me away from Marcus but I just attack them kicking and screaming. Suddenly Florence and Samantha are their with the latter attending to a wounded Marcus. I can throw a good punch when I want to.

"What the hell is going on?" Angelo's voice yelled and I was suddenly in his arms. "What are you doing to here... Is that?"

"That's the planet, yes" says Daniel which causes me to kick out and struggle again.

"Elia what's wrong?" Angelo asks me.

"My Planet" I say simply before glaring at the others. "Monsters" 

The End

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