Her Name

I held her close to my chest, my breaths coming out unevely as the hammock swung slowly from the right to the left. It didn't feel awkward. But it felt strange. I liked having her close to me. Her body was in contrast, rather cold compared to mine which gave her all the reason to snuggle up even closer.

Her face was resting near the curve of my neck and she lay in my arms, unmoving. Maybe she's asleep? I wasn't quite sure but I didn't say anything in case she really was. Savoring the seconds, I memorized the details. The scent of her hair wasn't human but that didn't make it any bad.

It was a mixture of roses and something else I couldn't identify. It smelt sweet and I smiled to myself when I felt one of her arms go around my torso. She was different. But she was bold.

The moments passed by in silence of a sleep that wouldn't come to me. My eyes were closed but my conciousness was still with me. It was when I heard her call my name did my senses perk up once more.


"Yeah?" I asked, moving back a little to see her. Her eyes were wide open, staring up at me and almost glowing in a shadowy haze of gray.

You don't hate me like the others do, right?

I smiled at her. "I think you know the answer to that question." She still looked unconvinced so I confirmed it, "No. I don't."

She sighed, relaxing once again. I'm glad.

It was at that second that I realised I didn't even know her name. "Hey. What's your name?" I asked, curiosity in my voice.

Elia, her soft voice answered.

Elia...graceful, elegant. The name fit her and I whispered it to myself before closing my eyes once more. This time, darkness welcomed me as I fell into a deep sleep.

The End

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