Sleeping Alone

I lie down on the mattress at first feeling the odd sink of the cushion beneath me. In Oterium we slept in hammocks and always in groups. Lovers slept in their hammock then siblings in another. You'd never have one child on Oterium. Never. To be a single child was to sleep alone. 

So as I lie on the mattress with Angelo lying over on what he called a camper bed or futon I felt so alone. So cold without my brothers arms around me and his warmth to send me off to sleep. I tossed to see Angelo watching me. "Are you okay?" he asks to which I shake my head. "Can't sleep? Why not?"

I send him an image of the hammocks and accidentally of my brother. He sits up and watches me. 

"Whose that?" he asks.

'My brother' I send to him.

"You slept in hammocks together?" he says. "Is that why you can't sleep?" I nod and he sighs before brightening. "Actually, I think I can set you one of those up"

He leaves coming back with a thick blanket and some tools. He motions for me to move and I do as he sets up the hammock welding the hammock to the wall so it hangs down. He turns and smiles at me. I quickly move over and get in swinging in it with a giggle. 'Perfect' I tell him.

"Great" he smiles and moves towards his own bed. I shift nervous at what I want to ask and bit my lip.

"Angelo" I say the words heavy and odd on my tongue coming out sloppily. Angelo turns round and looks at me with wide eyes. 'Could you.... Could you pretend to be my brother?' I think to him.

He nods slowly and moves over getting into the hammock awkwardly making it swing. I'm unable to stop the laugh that slips pass my lips. Angelo looks at me smiling warmly and my heart skips a beat. His look makes me feel so warm that I become confused. What is this feeling? I blush and look away rolling onto my side away from Angelo.

He gets it though because he slips his arms round me holding me just as my brother would. This is different though cause I can feel Angelo's breath against my neck. I can smell his musky earthern scent that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even a little dizzy cause he's so close.

"Is this okay?" he asks. 

'Yes' I think trying to make it calm but I know it enters Angelo's mind like a sigh. His arms tighten around my waist and I feel my breathing quicken. 

What is happening to me?

The End

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