Her reactions were rather amusing. And though I could tell that everyone else with an exception of Marcus disapproved of what I was doing, they didn't tell that to my face. Even if they did, I wouldn't give a dam about it.

"Your stew is going to grow cold," Marcus said. I directed my gaze away from her to meet his curious one. I'd been looking at her for far too long that I hadn't taken a bite out of my meal. Smiling at him, i gave him a small nod and took a small bite, returning my eyes to meet hers.

It tastes nice, she said and my smile widened.

"Glad to hear that," I whispered, trying to make sure that no one else could hear that but for Marcus and her.

Marcus gave me a curious look but didn't say anything as he continued eating his dinner. Once I saw that she was done with her foot, I took both our utensils towards the kitchen, dumping them in the sink. Florence gave me a dirty glare.

"I'm not going to wash that thing's plate."

"You better," I growled, shutting the door loudly before forcing a smile on my face and walking towards my table. "I bet you're feeling tired. Come on." I reached out my hand, waiting for her to take it but I could tell she didn't actually feel that way.After all she had been hibernating for God knows how long. But she was smart enough to realise I had a reason for wanting to go so fast.

Slipping her hand into mine, I gave it a light squeeze as we walked out the dining halls and headed back towards the direction of her room. What's wrong? Her voice echoed in my head.

"Nothig I just don't like the way the others..its nothing really."

She didn't question me more as I opened the door to her room, waiting for her to walk inside before shutting it behind me.

"I'll be staying with you tonight. For security reasons."

Her gray eyes widened. You think they'd try to hurt me?

I gave her a wry smile. "Do you want to take your chances?"

The End

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