These people were different. There coloured hair so dull. Yet, Angelo seemed different to them all. He stuck out like a sore thumb even next to the other nice seeming one Marcus. I liked him only a little cause he still saw me as something to study.

Angelo seemed to be the only one to treat me like a human being. So when we went to eat I wasnt surprised to hear everyone fall silent at my arrival. It wouldnt be so eiree had they been telepathic like me cause on my planet no one speaking was a natural thing. I sigh and some of them seem to shy away at the fact I made a noise. Angelo glares at them pulling me over to a table where Marcus is also sat.

"Hello again" he says directly to me which makes me jump feeling put on the spot. I gape like a fish and turn to look at Angelo scared.

"You would usually say hello back" he says then turns to Marcus. "She cant speak didnt you hear?"

"Oh, that must of slipped past me that. Sorry" he says addressing the apology to me. I just find myself blushing and squeezing onto a small bench with Angelo. I shift awkwardly not use to the metal beneath me. The feel of it is so cold. Nothing like sky metal which had a constant hum of energy running through it making your finger tips tingle.

"Do you want food?" Angelo asks me getting up. I think then nod. He leaves making me panic but quickly returns with this weird looking slop. He hands me another piece of metal shaped like a farmers fork and I frown at it. Then looking around I see everyone using it to pick up their slop. Taking the small fork in my hand I prod at my own wrinkly my nose at the thick meaty smell.

Then I notice Angelo watching me. Not just him though but everyone and I squirm down in my seat. Angelo looks at the others with a glare making them look away but the moment he looks back at me so do they.

"Do you not like it?" he asks.

I shake my head wrinkling my nose. 'It's horrible discussing slop of meat' I think to him. He smiles amused.

"Its called stew. Try some... go on" he presses when I dont even make a move to try. Sighing I scoop some up on my small fork and shove it into my mouth quickly before I squirm my way out of it. All the flavors hit my mouth and while its too much I must admit its a little nice.

Then I scoop some more and everyone looks away disinterested now. Except Angelo who smiles at me. I look at him meeting his deep brown eyes then away eating my 'stew'.

The End

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