Her voice whipped out at me, lashing the corners of my mind as her harsh voice echoed in my head. Her eyes were drawn together, eyebrows mashing as she glared at me in fury. I stared at her, surprised for about a minute as she continued to match my gaze with anger. It took me a while to realize why she'd reacted the way she had.

Idiot, I thought to myself.

"I..." Gulping at the look on her face, I continued. "I would never do that to hurt you. Ever."

By the no change in expression, she remained unconvinced, her hands balled up into fists by her side.

"I honestly would never think of making your planet dry or invading it. The only reason I asked was of natural curiosity to know more about where you're from. I honestly didn't intend it that way."

Her eyes remained fixed to my face, searching for any sign that I might be lying. But she didn't find any because I was being completely truthful to her. Slowly, I reached out to her with my hand, waiting for her to take my own. And she did.

Smiling to myself, I lightly pulled her down to sit next to me again and watched her look at me curiously. Without a warning, she reached out timidly with one of her hands and ran it through my hair. My eyes widened in surprise but I didn't say anything as she continued observing me.

Your kind have such dull taste, her voice echoed softly.

I couldn't help but start laughing aloud when she said that. Dull? Really?

"Well you have purple hair. It doesn't get any weirder than that."

She seemed offended when I said that which made me laugh even harder.

Yet, sitting here talking to this stranger, I felt happy after such a long time of emptiness. She was different from us, I knew that. But I was starting to like her.

The End

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