I panicked when Angelo tugged me towards the bed. I pulled my hand from his and stepped away from it blushing a bright pink. Angelo frowned then glances at the bed blushing a little himself. "Oh gosh, I wont do that" he says stumbling over his words as he speaks.

An laugh falls from my lips as he stumbles but as the noise leaves my lips he looks at me with a little bit of awe. I close my mouth and look at the ground blushing. "Your laugh is beautiful" Angelo tells me. He gestures to the bed again. "Please sit... I wont do anything, promise"

As he says promise I wince. 'I think that word means a lot more to me than you' I think to him. I see confusion go across his face and I send him how we take promises so seriously its like an oath.

"Oh" he says. "Well, I still do"

He gives me a sheepish smile which makes my heart skip a beat. Slowly I go and sit on the bed as far away as I can. Angelo tilts his head and frowns but shrugs it of turning to face me. I look up into his eyes and find myself captured by the beauty of them. They're a chestnut brown that remind me of the towering trees of Spring Valley. I remember spending hours of my spring days climbing as many of those trees as I could.

'Your eyes are intriguing' I think to him.

"How so?" he asks out loud.

'Well, Oteri only have grey and blue eyes' I tell him. He tilts his head and I notice he moves an inch closer which I ignore.

"That's interesting" he says. "On Earth more people have brown eyes"

I screw up my nose with distate. 'You call your planet Earth?' I think to him shaking my head. Angelo laughs at my reaction and at the images of muddy ugly lands which the name brings to my mind.

"Why what's yours called?" Angelo asks inching closer again making my heart begin to race.


"Isn't that isnt a bit of a mouthful?" he says. I pout and he laughs it off again. Then I see a girl now standing in a open doorway. Its Florence and she looks confused at Angelo's happy expression but at the sight of her in the doorway it falls off his face. He narrows his eyes at Florence who reacts the same way back before storming off.

"Food's served in ten minutes" she snaps. Grumbling Angelo gets to his feet and recloses the door.

"Sorry about that" he says to me. I shrug and he moves back sitting right next to me. The brush of his leg against mine sends tingles through my skin. "So your planet.... Where is it?" he asks. At those words I tense.

I get to my feet and stand far to him. 'I will never tell you. You will never mine my planet dry' I snap angrily into his mind.

The End

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