Kill On Sight

It was the loud alarms that awoke me from my sleep. Then the harsh shouting as I opened my eyes annoyed. I at first squinted against the light but when the door swung open hitting the wall with a crash they were wide a frighted as I scrambled away from the advancing figure.

"What are you?" the leader human, Daniel snapped. I tried to crawl away but he grasped my wrist. "Speak... thing!"

"Daniel!" Angelo snapped appearing in the doorway a look of horror on his face. "What the hell are you doing?"

"We sent her blood through the computer. Her species isnt well known but the moment the dna entered the system of our computer a 'kill on sight' alarm went off" Daniel says pulling out his gun and pointing it at my head. I hold back my scream putting my hands over my mouth when a whimper slips out.

Angelo storms up knocking the gun away and standing in front of me. "Hell, Daniel, we're not on a murder mission here. We're here to gather resource that's all" Angelo snaps.

"You'd defy the orders of headbase? Angelo that thing is dangerous" Daniel hisses in a low voice thinking I cant hear him which annoys me. I mean I'm not deaf. I just cant speak. There is a difference.

"That thing as you call it is a girl and probably has a name" Angelo snaps. "So she's a little different-"

"She's alot different" a new women followed by a guy says entering the room and narrowing her eyes at me. "Samatha sent me the results. Her brain activity is ten times the amount of a humans. Her heart beats quicker to produce more heat. Her digestive system is smaller meaning she needs to only drink and eat less to keep herself alive. Her lungs give her the capability to stay under water for at least half an hour. Her organs seem the same but its like almost all of her is different... actually, no, its like everything is better adapted"

Everyone turns their eyes on me. "Florence and Alexander, I'd like you to send a message to HQ" Daniel says slowly. The two crew who had entered nod quickly and leave before Daniel turns his eyes on Angelo. "And since you love the freak so much you can look after her. She may not need to eat much but she still needs to"

Daniel turns on his heels and leaves not giving Angelo a moment to reply. He himself sighs heavily pushing a hand back through his hair. Then he looks at me and strangely I blush cause his gaze shows hints of his emotion. I can sense a few things from his mind. A sense of duty to protect me since he believed a level of trust existed between us.

Trust.... to my species it was much more powerful and harder to gain than what it seemed to mean to this species. To trust someone completely was to speak aloud your true name to them. That was one word I could say but I'd never speak it. Not now anyway when there wasnt another Oteri around for me to share that honor with.

If I gave it to this human I'd give it to him with the knowledge that humans have no true name. They are not bound in a web of energy that links their species. Their way to express love was physical while ours was much more deeper.

To have someone's true name was to control them. It was only a sense of trust to that person to not misuse it that would make an Oteri tell another its true name. Then only that Oteri could use it. It wouldnt matter if another heard because it would only belong to that Oteri. Although the couples did seem to prefer to keep it between them like I would if I ever give my true name.

"Come on then. Lets get you out of this room for a bit and some food and drink in that stomach of yours" Angelo says holding out his hand. At first I am confused then I realise he is offering to help me up and slowly I place my hand in his. He pulls me to my feet glancing at the thick fabric of my shirt and trousers along with my boots with a trim of fur. They didnt seem too thick but like that women, Florence, had said. We Oteri produced more heat to protect our bodies against the cold.

The End

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