There's always been a limit to everything and there will always continue to be a limit to how you treat someone. I didn't like to think of us holding someone hostage. Instead, the word 'visitor' felt more friendly and less ruthless then the atmosphere that had been created over the past hour.

She was different from us and I knew this better than anyone else here. But a little difference, a little change doesn't necessarily make her a threat to us. Apparently, I was the only one who thought so.

I stormed out of the room, muttering inaudible curses under my breath. Samantha chose to ignore the words I called her as I walked out, towards the cockpit of the space ship. I slammed the door open, crossing the room swiftly before coming face to face with Daniel.

"You put her up to this didn't you?" I hissed.

Daniel's calm expression reflected no answers, only angering me more.

"I have not the slightest idea what you're talking about."

"She's terrified of us! How can you possibly think that extracting her blood with needles and tools that are unworldly to her will encourage her to even tell me more?!"

Daniel lifted an eyebrow in interest. "Tell you more?" That was the only thing he'd heard and I bit down on my tongue, trying to control my anger without having to cause a brawl.

"She was trying to communicate with me before Samantha came and cut her off." The lies came out swiftly but I could tell Daniel suspected something, his eyes unbelieving as I spoke. But even if he did, he didn't show this.

"We're doing this for the best Angelo. You'll be alright."

"No I won't," I spat. "I'm never just 'alright' with the things you do Daniel. You're not the boss around here, and hell, you're definitely not mine."

Without another word I left the room, not even meeting anyone else's eyes as my hands formed fists at my side. I'd always been quick-tempered, and sometimes I got angry for no reason. But this time, my emotions meant something. They had a purpose.

She was only able to communciate with me through her thoughts. And for some reason, I think that comforted her or made her trust me on a level above what she'd established of the others. I wanted to protect that trust.

I wanted to protect her.

The End

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