Strange Boy

I hugged the blankets on the bed round me shaking where I sat with my legs pulled up to my chest. Of all the days to of not taken Speech class this one I was regretting the most. There had been other times when I had met Oteri who had suffered infection which caused them to lose their telepathy. They communicated by speech but the rest of us still spoke telepathically yet sometimes the infection was so bad it would send that Oteri insane. 

They'd yell how the silence was too much. How not being intuned with its fellow kin was to painful to live with..... then they would take their life. Let me tell you about that. When an Oteri dies we all feel it, unless we're in hibernation, and its one of the most painful experiences we can go to. Our civilisation was small. Our planet big. We survived though. 

We migrated across the planet as one always returning to the east for winter since it was the warmest part of our planet. The animals of our planet were amazing as well. Spirit Wolves that if you could claim through mental connection would serve you for life but if you found yourself surrounded by a pack of them. You better say your prayers to mother nature.

We didnt have a god really but our belief in mother nature was strong. People say that it was mother nature who brought us the sky metal. A very useful resource in defense against the cold and, it is said, very useful for the humans weaponry. 

Our first contact with the humans had apparently been a brief one. Once they had discovered the qualities of our sky metal they had been eager to gain some and we'd been willing to give. Apparently they came back though searching for our planet not only for our metal but any resources they could squeeze out of our planet. We didnt give in and that had been the reason for the reduction of  sky metal ships produced.

Instead we produced ships like there's. Chunky ships that worked on the mechanics that needed oil to keep working. A horrible thing that caused pollution. 

Our ships had been much better. They worked off the physic energy that held our species in balance. Our life force. Only we could work them. Star Travelers teams have said to be the most connected of our civilisation. Joined by their energy to operate the ships.

To be a Star Traveler was a great honor especially since we lived in a way which meant continuous movement across the planet through the months. We only had about 4 proper Star ships but we had Star flyers for travel over the planet. They ranged in sizes depending what they were for. Whether they carried our homes or the food for the first day of settling in a certain area.

Star Flyer Speeders were the best though. You could travel into space with them. Not for a long amount of time or a far distance but you could see the stars. It was a solo ship which was hard to fly but once you mastered it like me and my brother had... well, then you could have so much fun.

I glanced across at the gun across the room then up at the man. Was he after my planet? Our metal? Our resources? Did he know the truth of our planets discovery? Or the actual reason they didn't the resources in the first place?

"Look we need your help" the guy says taking a step towards me. I scurry back to meet a wall. The guy stops. "I'm Angelo... what's your name?"

I opened my mouth trying to reply but using it felt heavy and horrible. Then I realised how alone I was. The silence. No other psychic minds for miles.... maybe no where. What had happened? Why had I been sent on a hibernation ship on my own?

"Can you talk?" this Angelo asks. Slowly I shake my head and he sighs pushing a hand back through his hair. "This will be hard then. If I can't communicate with you-" I shake my head quickly getting his attention. He tilts his head watching me confused. "Then how can we if you cannot speak?"

I gesture to my head then to his before yanking my hands back frightened. Angelo watches me confused and I take a slow breath before doing the gesture again more clearly.

"Through.... Through our minds?" Angelo says his eyes widening. "Wait, was that you earlier?" I nod slowly. "Do it again!" he continues enthusiastically. I shake my head and he frowns. "Why not?"

I wave my hands around my head trying to demonstrate a cloud before pointing to him. "I'm..... something...."

"Angelo" a girl snaps walking in a bag in hand. I squirm at the sight of it. Oh gosh, are they going to experiment on me. "Get out. I need to check the.... the thing out"

"She's not a thing" Angelo snaps. 

"Whatever, just get out" the girl says rolling her eyes. "Its a thing to us. We have no idea what it is. I need to get a blood sample and see if her species is in the database" 

She opens the bag on the bed close to me and I press myself into a corner. At the sight of the sharp needles I squirm. They're gonna experiment on me! 

"I don't think she likes that, Samantha" Angelo grumbles clenching and unclenching his fists.

"It wont matter. I'm putting her under" she snaps at him. "Now get out" 

Distracted by Angelo gaze I dont register the women, Samantha, reaching over and grasping my hand. I try to struggle away but the needles already in my arm. Its out once she pushed in the liquid and I begin to feel dazey.

I just see Angelo walk out before I fall under.

The End

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