Waking to the sound of a chatter wasn't what I expected. As my eyes opened I understood why. I wasn't with my family on my planet Oterium. In fact I didn't really understand where I was. It was no hibernation ship that I should be on if I had been evacuated during my hibernation of the winter months which were harsh and brutal. 

Hibernation ships though were only used if we needed to evacuate a citizen if the planet fell into super freeze but... why was I on my own? If I had been taken by an enemy ship shouldn't the rest of my fellow hibernates be here.

'Hello' I thought out using my telepathy, which was the only form of communication on my planet, to reach out for other Oteri minds. There was non though and I found myself beginning to panic with fear that our planet had been invaded. That I had been kidnapped. I heard the stories of other species and planets from Star Travellers that often came to my home trying to claim my hand. 

They had been unsuccessful though despite their incredible stories. Stories of people like us but with dull hair and.... and weapons that with a clenching of a finger could take a life via one small bullet.

Sure we used our telepathy as a weapon to paralyze the minds of foes but only as self defence. I myself didnt find the task so easy. I more advanced in discovering memories. Oh when I found a beautiful one it made me feel so alive.

That was when the door opened and in walked a man followed by another. "Who are you and where do you come from?" one demanded, a obvious leader. I couldnt answer. Their minds were clouded against the access of telepathy.

These must be the... humans that the Star Travellers spoke and wrote of. I swallowed gazing between the two frightened. How could I tell them I could not speak if their minds were so clouded against the access of telepathy?

"Name?" the leader demanded again but more harshly. I scramble back on what seems to be a bed frightened. 

"Gee, Daniel, give the girl a break. She's obviously been on a long journey. What if she doesn't even speak English?" the other said leaning against the wall neck to door.

I sized up my options of getting past this cruel man and out the door but while I could past the first. I think the second could grab my easily.

"The ships database was in English... or sort of" the leader, Daniel, says waving his hand absently. "So she must speak it or understand us"

'I cannot speak!' I scream at them mentally. The second man winces and I glance at him hopefully. Please say he heard me. Oh gosh, right now I'd do anything to be heard even talk to a stranger.

Then I see the belts at their waist and what hangs from them. I scream..... One sound that can fall off my lips.

The End

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