Silent Desires

Angelo was the youngest of the crew to set out on the journey. When travelling space, his ship meets another relatively small one. When going in, it's completely empty except for one strange looking girl. Who is she? And what happens? (Lame summary I know :P)


There were six of us. I was the youngest.

It was strange how almost all of them underestimated me but they needed me and that's exactly whe I'd been chosen to join the crew. I knew how to navigate, use the maps. Without me, they'd be lost.

Yet my naivety was a risk from slowing them down. And that's exactly what had happened when I met her.

We were looking for a planet, one which was believed to have several resoures that we could use back on Earth. We'd already used our cryotanks and trapped several specimens of plants and different species we'd found. And this was the last place we were planning to visit before going back to Earth.

It was all just a coincidence though. At first, I thought I'd screwed up, lead the ship the wrong way. But a vessel floating about in space had nothing to do with  my maps. And so, it began.


"All crew mates, report to the main room. Now."

I groaned and sat up right on my bed, stretching my joints before jumping off the edge and getting changed out of my pyjamas and into normal clothes. I could hear the footsteps from out side my room, shoes clanging against the metal floors as they headed there. I yawned and stepped outside, almost walking straight into Florence.

"Jeez, move aside," she muttered, pushing past my shoulder. I shrugged and followed her, ignoring the spiteful tone she'd used against me. Once we were all inside the room, Daniel - the leader and my eternal enemy - started going at me.

"It seems Angelo here, got us heading in the wrong direction," he scoffed, glaring at me.

"That's impossible," I replied dully. I was still half-asleep to care too much about what they were saying. But soon the frustration would kick in.

"We just encountered another space ship. And it looks familiar to ours. We know where the others were headed, we'd split up right? The chances of us encountering another team should be least likely seeing as we're travelling the opposite directions," he snapped.

"How are you even sure that it's our team? Couldn't it be-"

"I highly doubt that."

I sighed, waiting for them all to shut up before speaking. "Kiera's right. It could be someone else. We should probably investigate."

"But what if these other people are hostile? We don't know what we're going up against," Florence said.

"If you want, I can go in," I said with a shrug. All five other faces turned to meet mine. But they were all up for the idea. Apparently, losing the youngest and most inexperienced teammate seemed less risky for them. And that's how I ended up venturing into the space ship, alone.

I wasn't yet thinking straight, my mind continuing to wander. But as I searched the different rooms of the small space vessel, the fear inside me of meeting anything or anyone dangerous died down. I hadn't seen anything out of the norm. The vessel looked like it had been built out of our human technology.

Yet, the last room I encountered was where I found her.

Opening that door, I hadn't expected anything big. After all the last seven rooms had been empty.

But there, lying down in the middle of the room on a small bed was a girl.

She had long curls of deep violet shaded hair tumbling down the front of her body. Her lips were abnormally dark red, and I couldn't tell how old she looked, let alone what she was.

But there, standing, transfixed to the spot as my eyes watched her in her sleep, curiousity and questions started to fill me.

The End

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