show, dont tell

this is a writing assignment i was given awhile ago. finally posting it.

The sand was gritty and dark from the rolling waves washing onto the shore. The sun was slightly hidden from view, making the obscuring clouds glow, but it still burned hot. It was a perfect day to go out on the water. So that is exactly what he would do today.

Lafayette hopped out of the shower and dried off with his favorite blue towel. He rushed into the walk-in closet and speedily pulled on orange and blue swim trunks and a white beater. It was time.

 He rushed into the kitchen, hastily buttering a piece of toast that his mother had freshly made. Finally, he took a glass and poured orange juice into it.

                “Hey momma,” he said to his pale mother, sipping on his orange juice.
                “Lafayette,” she started, “you best be doing some chores before you rush outside into that water now, ya’hear?”
                “They’re done,”

He shoved the remainder of the toast into his mouth and chugged the last third of the glass. He set the cup gently inside the sink and rushed kissed his mother on the top of her head.

                “They better be!”

With that, Lafayette ran outside into the fresh air, onto the hard clay path. He took huge gulps of air into his lungs and exhaled slowly, thankful for the beautiful weather. He continued down the pathway to the beach, stopping just before he hit the sand. He glanced around quickly, observing the people that had already made their way to the beautiful view that was Shelter Lake.

Once again, Lafayette inhaled the fresh air into his lungs. This time he held the air inside for a while, looking around again. He took off sprinting as he exhaled, headed towards the water. Finally, the moment he’d been waiting for since the second he woke up. He loves to swim.

The End

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