Should I still love you?

Well almost everyone in their teens have crush on someone ...that special feeling,which sometimes we misunderstand for love...and this one sided love remains there throughout our life.. This is a story..very close to my heart ..story of 5 friends & their crushes...and their lives after the college...And this is the story of Kirat and her hope to meet her first crush again in her blessed life...but why??? lets find out..

Here I am standing on the IGI airport , Delhi., with my bags ..waiting for my flight to Chandigarh...Having spent a wonderful married life of 10 years..and being blessed with a lovable son, I was asking myself and murmuring 'Why am I doing this?'..those 30 minutes at the Airport were getting difficult to pass..There was dilemma..there was some hindrance..And the announcement for boarding the flight was made..I reached Chandigarh, the air was never so refreshing and fragrant...It was spring and the love was in the air all over..."Kirat" a very familiar voice came ..I looked back and that was my friend from college .."Reena"..I shouted back..I was so happy to see her after 11 years..(since I passed my college).."Greattttttt to see you, you haven't changed a bit" said Reena.."But years have passed" I said to her.."Where are we supposed to stay?" I asked in excitement.."Well I am staying in Hotel where the party is" Reena said.."Actually we all are staying in the same hotel" she said after a pause.."Can't wait to see everybody after so many years"I said in excitement..

It was our college re-union..I was having so many mixed feelings..And the reason I was attending this was very simple..Suri was coming from Australia.

Suri was my first and last crush..I had waited for years to see him..And finally I was getting this chance..We reached hotel...and there he was ....standing alone in a corner with his cellphone ..He gave me a glance and smiled back..and I ignored him, as planned by me in the flight.. And for a moment I felt everything has stopped and as if someone has pushed rewind button of my life..

Memories were still fresh as I was mesmerizing those wonderful 3 years of my college life...



                                                                     First Year

"Get up .get up'll be late for the first day of your college.." Mumma was standing next to my bed..There was a bright smile and shine on her if it was her first day to college..I smiled back and got up.. "Wear this lemon color salwar suit..I have pressed it already" said mumma..and she went to kitchen to prepare breakfast for me.. And I was sitting on my bed feeling irritated for the dress my dearest mother had chosen for me..I had something else on my mind..but then i was a sweet child of my parents , can't hurt my parent's feeling..In that sad mood I went on to get ready for the college..My dad dearest had gifted me a new Kinetic Honda for completing my 12th class with good marks..So I was ready had breakfast, and all set with my new bag..

It was a new city Chandigarh was looking more fresher than ever....and here I was parking my kinetic at the college parking...I was so happy, had always seen a co-ed college in movies.. Was a little afraid of ragging thing..noted down my time table and was standing at a corner near the college building..and a voice came.."Hi" and in a quick response I smiled and replied"Hi"..there was this girl who almost looked like a boy..dressed like a boy...and introduced herself as Ginni..and I introduced myself..after the intro session was over she asked me to join her with other friends of her and I followed her religiously..and after a brief walk towards the cafeteria I saw a group of guys and girls sitting at the back of the cafeteria and to my surprise they didn't look like freshers to me..I got scared and all these questions started ringing in my mind..'Ginni might have called me here for ragging...oh no!!' and I had a feeling of running away...but gave up the idea of running away..I thought of giving it a try..

All of them smiled at me and i smiled and nodded my head in respect..Ginni started introducing me to them 'Yogi, Pooja, Nirmal, Yogesh ,Chintu, Praveen, Neha, Navneet and Navdeep' .. and they were 2nd and 3rd year students..I said hi to all and introduced myself as Kirat ...they very humbly welcomed me to the college..Yogi asked me "Why are u so scared?".... this question of his made me more nervous.."No I am not at all scared" I said in a hurry.."Don't be scared we are not going to rag you in any case" said Pooja...Her words made me so comfortable..and now I was myself.,.. I became part of their group and we used to bunk classes together and used to have a lot of fun together...and thanks to them I never got a chance to face ragging at college which my other class mates faced for more than 3 months..They used to call me Guddi..meaning youngest sister or kiddo sister...I was never so secure in my life...

As the days passed I joined the cultural group of my college for the Youth Festival..where I participated in Group Folk Dance category..there I met Lakshmi who was a fellow participant..and when exchanged our intro...I got to know that both of us are having 4 common subjects out of 5...

She introduced me to her friends...Reena,Ritu,Amarjeet,Sahil,Varun,Vishal,Harry,Honey and Suri..At first glance I liked everyone except one and that was Suri..He was full of attitude and so much dramatical..Seemed like he wanted to be a star of the group..He seemd like a spoilt child of a very rich father..and I actually hated him..Main reason behind that was probably because he didn't show ant interest in me..Despite all, they all welcomed me to their group and I started spending more time with them..

But with all this good and bad we passed our first year of college..




The End

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