A guide to my crazy life

Well sometimes for  annoying as I have to  wait for see untrained staff we hear a knock at the door and  are both  startled by the big figure of my staff coming  through the door and saying, "I thought, you went to church qsuizzing again."

      "No." I said, because was laying beside Richard. We had been sleeping due to the heat.

      "What would you like?" 

      "My meds sound good to me. We will pass on lunch." I said.

       Having slept a little longer, we watched a horror movie. Awaited my staff for dinner. 

      Jackie came in to prepare supper.  

      My husband tried to direct the staff, to which I objected. Asking,"What do you think you are doing?"

      "I was..."

      "I am to direct my staff; not you!"



The End

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