Free Pie

This is an exercise I wanted to do because I feel it is difficult for someone with a writers mind state to write something short and give as little detail as possible. It's almost like learned OCD. So what I want here is for people to try and write a short story with very little descriptions.

I just moved into a new town and I wanted to meet my new neighbors, I walked next door and knocked, an old woman answered with a greeting, I introduced myself and she invited me in for a drink.

I saw a group of children standing across the street looking nervous. It must be because I was new around here. I waved to them and they did not wave back.

I followed the woman inside and she told me to have a seat while she fixed us some tea, a few minutes later she called out to me asking if i would like a slice of her famous pie. after being slightly apprehensive I figured she WAS my neighbor after all and I agreed to have some. she told me that some of the neighborhood children always loved to help her make it.

Once I had finished my tea I told her I had to go thanked her for the delicious pie and bid her farewell, she offered me another slice to take home for later and I happily accepted, I then walked back to my house and noticed that the group of children had left. 

I grabbed the newspaper from my front porch and went inside to sit down and devour the extra slice of pie the old woman had given me. I decided to read the paper while I ate and upon scanning the front page one article jumped out at me. A lot of children go missing on this street. And the old ladies house was the last place they were seen. She didn't lie when she said the children had helped her. Who knew children could be so delicious.

The End

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