We had been running through the ventilation system in The Facility, desperately trying to evade the Searchers who were looking for us. We all had special powers that the Searchers did not posess, Josh could control the elements, Shadow projected pictures into people's minds and I travelled to different times when I slept and, because of my nature, helped people. Over and over again I drempt of my tutor being killed by the hostages that held us sixteen years in the future and, unlike my other dreams, I could not stop her suffering. It hurt, I cannot describe the pain enough.

         “There are people behind us, and Ruth is about to fall asleep,” He kicked me, “We don’t have enough time.”

         “Too late.” I leant back against the metal partitions that shielded us from the fans blades and closed my eyes.

         “No! Ruth!” Josh hissed taking me into his arms.

         “Get out.” I mumbled as I was drawn into my parallel world.

         All energy had left me as I lay on the floor alone and afraid, hope having long since been eradicated and even the promise of mercy from Tom, a policeman I had sought help from, dead and buried.

         So this is where I am now, less than an hour before I am to be killed. My tutor’s dead and broken body lies in the opposite corner and my eyes are constantly drawn to it. I wish they’d move it; I don’t want to be reminded that I could not save just one more person’s life. The men aren’t speaking to each other; they just sit with that horrid gun on the table reading magazines. I’m the least of their worries, now the authorities know they are serious about killing hostages the risks of getting busted are growing by the minute. My wrists are so sore. Can’t they see that if they just cut the cable ties I won’t try to run away, what’s the point? Who would have seen my plea on the television, did anyone even recognise me. Do Shadow and Josh see me? Maybe they’ve been waiting for this for seven years, hating every moment. There’s nothing anyone can do now, I know that much.

         No one’s even tried to make contact with the men to try and bargain or track them down. I haven’t heard anything from anyone in two days, no food, little water. My throat’s dry. But that’s nothing compared to the gaping hole that I must call my heart. I have always seen goodness in humans, without failure. But these men cut down someone close to me with children, a husband and a future when she was defenceless and she didn’t even try to fight back. If I had any energy, I’d be going crazy by now.

         Oh no, they’re coming over to me. It can’t be time already? No, please no. I want Josh here, but it’s okay because I know he’s holding my body right now. I have to be brave. I’d forgotten how hard that floor was, did they really have to throw me down so hard? I breathe in deeply, now is not the time to lose my head. Mick turns the camera on. Damn that red light, it means nothing but bad news.

         “We have received no payment, so we shall execute Ruth. Then we shall disappear and you shall never find us again.”

         I am staring straight down the camera, unable to turn my gaze away as I kneel upright. All that’s going through my mind is what it is like to be watching me on a television. Just some poor young girl about to be killed, fear in her eyes and tears on her cheeks with soiled clothes and messy hair. Desperation may as well be stamped on my forehead.

         The gun slides back and clicks. Memories of Miss Bailey dying are back, oh please not now.

         I lower my head slightly and I can feel my hair brushing against my face.

         Something else clicks and feet shuffle as if they are unsure whether or not to go ahead. It's cold, I hadn't expectde that at all; maybe it's me thats cold, not the room. Oh gosh, no! This wasn't supposed to happen! At the very least I should have died instead if Miss, that was the right way! It is so cold.

         I close my eyes, and I know I will never open them again.

The End

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