short stories! contest!

Hey!! This is a place to post your own stories, that you think you could sum up in a chapter, and others will give you help!! Oh.. its a contest so the best on be your vote will win..... THE TITLE OF BEST SHORT STORY WRITER!

Ok, this is how you set it up.

--------->  Start your work right about here.

Make sure you have 4 or more characters, 3 or less main ones.

Make it less than 1,000 . Add a good plot, the better it is the more of a chance you got of winning.


A few plots you might want to use is:


Wolfs, etc

High school crush,


And stuff like that!!





You add only ONE entry per story,  you post up to 5 times with 5 new stories!

You may not rate your own story! You can tell others about it, but no rating it!

Judges:  I'll get back to you on that,

When will it be over?: Well, from July 11-19 I'll be at camp, so I'm thinking July 22. I would hope to have the winner be the 26, keep checking in for news, info and the judges!



The End

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