Short Musings Of A Daemon

Musings of a daemon in the forest one night

It’s a face, just a simple face. A mass of skin and muscle able to contort and twist and express the emotion, showing the very soul that’s buried deep within. But it’s nothing more than a well fitting mask. A mask that may take years to peel away, maybe even centuries.

Then I think of myself and sigh, a murderer. Praised for my killings I gained power. I liked it there, bathed in blood and madness. I have never desired to be beautiful, yet I pine for one who is. Beautiful, cold and dangerous. I have never wanted more.

His face, the icy blue eyes that are glaring at the campfire. His pale skin and slightly darker lips that conceal razors behind them. He looks up to see me staring at him.

“What?” he growls, the stupid smile spreads over my face without my say so.

“Nothing.” I reply and look down.

“Idiot” he growls and turns back to the flames.


I waited for a moment before looking up again. I stared at the arctic beauty in front of me. The innocence and naivety he had when we first met, had gone. What was left was horrifying and magnificent.  I watched thoughts play over the pale face and frowned. There was pain in his eyes , pain that burnt from deep inside his soul. All these years I had thought that I knew him, I never really did. I saw what he wanted me to see, the façade, the act, the mask.

“Whats wrong?” I ask quietly but he doesn’t even look at me.

“Nothing.” He muttered mirroring my word back to me.

“Really?” I smirked unable to contain the scorn in my voice. He looked at me shocked for a split second before the mask fell back into place.

“Really.” He growls.

“You don’t seem like yourself tonight.” I say keeping my voice low in the darkening forest. His eyes turned to me again they glistened slightly. With what I do not know, pain, happiness, loss , hate, love. Perhaps it’s all of them and more. Everything that any one being could feel.  Against the setting sun and the burning flames his eyes were the brightest light. His soul burned in those eyes and for the briefest moment I think I truly saw all of the man before me. I saw his intelligence, his cunning, his confusion and understanding. I saw rage and hate, I saw his pride and shame. I saw the world come crashing down and saw him reach the top of the world at the same time. I saw Gabriel, my prince. In those blue eyes, I saw life.  

“I’m fine, Dawn” he said and turned away.


The End

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