Seven Minutes in HeavenMature

"Elliot" Ebony whispered, her face alarmingly close to Elliot's "You always used to hate me at school. Used to call me all sorts of names."

Elliot moved even closer to Ebony, till his lips were almost touching hers and whispered barely audible in the dark, humid cupboard, "That's only because I had the hots for you, massively."

"Are we sure we want to do this?"

"It's just a game" Elliot replied, then frowned at himself for saying it.

"Yeah." Ebony answered, feeling a little disappointed "Yeah, you're right."

They stood there for a moment, hanging in the darkness with faces almost touching, listening to the sounds of the party outside. The party seemed a completely different world to the one they had created in their small cupboard. The anticipation of their closeness seemed to add to the warmth, Ebony shuddered with pleasure and sighed. For a few more seconds, Elliot and Ebony stared into each others eyes, wondering whether they, the two worst enemies in the entire school would actually do this.

Elliot started moving in closer.

They started slowly at first, Elliot gently pressing and moving his lips against Ebony's. And feeling somehow wrong and right at the same time she returned his kisses with the same tender caution. Then Elliot instinctively wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her slightly harder, Ebony gently ran her tongue over his lips as he did so, as the caution drained out of them, replaced by passion instead. Ebony leant into Elliot and he ran his hands down her back. With a small moan she kissed him faster, allowing his tongue to run deeper into her mouth. With a gasp in the heat of lust Ebony's hand wandered to the front of Elliot's jeans, and she started gently rubbing, causing him to break apart from her briefly, in both shock and pleasure. Then he kissed her harder and faster as she rubbed.

"Elliot." Ebony whispered, breathlessly. "I want you so badly."

"Me too." Elliot whispered back. He wondered how on earth he ever had the will-power to drive her away with his useless taunts. This girl was gorgeous, irresistible in fact. How did he ever make fun of her?

Suddenly the door opened, and Ebony and Elliot jumped and broke apart. Elliot's best friend, Greg stared at them for a moment. "Good seven minutes in heaven, El?" Elliot looked at Ebony for a second, who smiled sadly, knowing what he was about to say.

"No. Ew, you spat in my mouth, you dirty cow." He false shouted at Ebony.

"Oh yeah! Well you have breath like raw sewage! I regret ever playing spin the bottle with an ugly like you, Elliot Jameson." Ebony squealed and stormed off.

Elliot gestured rudely at Ebony and Greg laughed. Behind Greg's back, Ebony pointed upstairs and Elliot mouthed "I'm coming in a minute!"

"What are you doing?" Greg asked.

"Nothing!" Elliot replied. "I'm going to the bathroom now. See you later...I mean, in a min"

And with that Elliot rushed upstairs to the nearest bedroom.


The End

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