Howls In The Night

There is a boy sitting on the edge of his bed. Already dressed in his pajamas, he eagerly awaits for his mother and father to bid him goodnight. He kicks his feet out into the air, listening to the creaks of the bed overlap the silence. The boy's eyes graze the room, recognizing the already too familiar toys strewn across the room. Books unorganized waiting to be told, Teddy's just sitting there with open arms. Suddenly there is a crash- An echoing boom of a door slamming ajar.

Screeches break apart, making the ongoing silence tremble under its weight. The boy's eyes grow wide as he attentively listens to harsh words be thrown past- back and forth they go. Remark after remark. Insults piercing through the nights darkness. With hands tightly clutched, the boy softly jumps off the bed and with cautious feet he slowly opens the door and peeks outside.

Two adults take part of a dance. The man gracefully leads; he moves with sharp persimmon. The woman tries to overthrow his guidance but is forced to the floor. Not nearly as strong to defend herself. Their music- their voices. The keen words that are passed back and forth so brutally.

The boy watches. His heart pounding. Tears welling. He closes the door closed, and tiptoes back to his bed. He climbs back up, and grabs a hold of one of the open armed Teddy's. He buries his hot face into the fabric and prays.

The little boy prays for a chance, for a change. For something, anything, to stop his parents from hurting each other. Abruptly, a flash of light streaks through the sky. A chance that he prayed for. He faces the sky, closes his eyes and prays to the stars. For the howls in the night to stop. For the lovely peace to return and his sweet "Good night." to finally come.

The End

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