Shooting Stars

There is a girl who sits at the end of the swings, at a near by playground. She's staring up at the sky as stars begin falling down. They flash through the sky, leaving behind the murky humidity of a summer’s night.

She kicks her feet up, swinging with all her might. The girl is a little too small for the swing, but she manages to get high enough up into the air. The tips of her shoes graze the gravel. Her cold fingers grasp onto the rusty chains. Her head is beginning to over come the top of the bar. The girl’s breath is taken away, as she gets closer and closer towards the sky. Fallen stars come crashing through the black, lightening up the world a little bit. Wishes are being made in this little town tonight, prayers flying about everywhere.

Feeling the nostalgia of the moment, at the climax of her swinging, she reaches her hand out towards the sky, as if she could catch her own wish and keep it for herself. Suddenly, she lets go of the chain and feels the freedom of her body flying through the air for a few mere seconds. The girl goes crashing down to the frigid earth. The rocks slide across her skin, leaving lines of red on the base of her knees.

She ignores the pain, looking back up at the sky. The show has ended, before she could even make her wish. A wave of disappointment crashes over as the little girl picks her self up. She looks back, at the wobbling swings. The chains are quivering, the bars groaning. The night sky has gone black again, as if there weren't any wishes to begin with.

Looking back on more time, the girl turns around and goes home.

The End

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