Obsidian Stern

Only the cool breeze breaks the flow of the waters which rears up along the coast like a striking cobra. In the distance the water foams and an arrow shape is seen cutting through the surface. Slowly a ghostly image appears of a ship that mingles with the fog. It appears to be great with ripped sails that feels the soft tendrils of the fog and disappears into nothingness.

On the deck the people work tirelessly, without pause, without hesitation, without break. None can see them working, only a chosen few, and they are not in this realm, they are not in any realm for they are in the past.

"Work dog, I'm not paying you to break, in fact I'm not payin' you at all!"

The Captain struck my face and I fell into my bucket which tumbled across the deck on the floor causing another pirate to slip over the rails and into the water below.

"Look what you gone an' done now fool!" he grabbed my shoulder and threw me into the quarters, "get out of my sight," he growled dangerously.

I moved to my quarters and picked up my sword, slicing holes in the wood in anger. I worked up a sweat and kept going.

"I'm no fool," I looked out of the porthole and in the distaqnce, on the coast of this new world we had briefly entered, I saw a boy staring at us, "I'm no fool!"

The End

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