Shiver Me Timbers.

Elis Clark is a teenage boy like no other, he is *dramtic pause* ... a pirate *dun dun dun* - well, in his dreams. A pirate like no other... Which is because he isn't really a pirate...

'I'm so tall, I'm so tall, raise me and then you let me fall.
I'm so small, I'm so small
wrap me round your finger-'

"ELIS! Stop playin' that crap, 'n' get out there!" His uncle yells at him, his pudgy finger on the Stop button, he spits slightly as he yells. He's wearing; his waistcoat that is dark grey with thin white pin-stripes; a puffy cream shirt with laces linking across loosely, making his stomach seem less inflated; black and white checkered pantaloons, which finish just - literally just - below his thick knees; shiny black shoes with brass buckles sitting snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug on the top, his feet seem to only just cram inside; he has long white socks stopping just before meeting with the hem of the pantaloons showing off his lobster red sunburnt, hairy legs that bulge slightly.

Elis blinks and shakes his head, only to see his uncle - red in his flabby face - glaring down at him, his right eye busting out, his lips in a thin snarling line. His chin wobbles as his mouth slaps open and closed, flinging spit at him and his 'room'.

He wears; blood red shorts - too short for his thighs - which show off his pale hairy legs, and the colour of the shorts makes his legs lobster like (after it had been cooked of course, uncooked and they are blue...); a baggy white t-shirt with a tinge of yellow around the neck and under the armpits, urg; and finally, he has white ankle socks with a black rim around the top and they are inside sandals.

Well done, Uncle Fred, be the typical British tourist with the socks and sandals. Well done, you make me proud. Elis knows that he should be happy that they took him in when he was a young boy... But, he has always had that feeling that he should be, elsewhere...

After watching Pirates of the Caribbean, he knew. He had to be a pirate. Why else would his parents leave him, other than to sale the world?

"Are you listening to me, boy?" Uncle Frank spits in his eye.

Elis blinks and wipes it out, "Truthfully? No. You're boring me, and I am tired."

"Whaaat?! How are you speak to me like that, boy. Be gone! Go to the Punishment room. Go, now!"

Typical, Uncle Fredrick, letting his temper get to him whenever Elis listens to some old music. Elis sighs mournfully and trots to the cellar - the 'punishment' room. Elis opens the door and locks it behind him. He moves over to the cabinet and pulls out his secret chocolate stash, mmm, chocolate.

The End

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