Allie Laniger: I Hate Palm Trees.Mature

My back was aching where I had landed so 'gracefully'. In an attempt to go back to where I had been (just about to start a race against some of the top runners in the university) I shut my eyes tight and prayed to God I be taken away from this awful place and not have to look up at another 'flying' monkey unless by choice. Typically when I opened my eyes there were no monkeys and in fact, there was nothing at all. Nothing but the brightness of the midday sun which was also beginning to fade.

Throwing my damn watch to the side, I blinked a few times and my surroundings returned to normal view.
I really would need to get a hold on these powers.

I was not really sure what to do with myself at this point but I felt it would probably help me (safety-wise) if I had my precious stone with me... after all, I was a bit useless without it. My staff was in my room as there had been no important disturbances recently and I couldn't just create fire without my charmed bracelet. I was definitely glad I'd bought this charm, it really was quite beautiful.

I muttered to myself and smiled as I felt the familiar warmth of the fire which surrounded me, licking my skin but never daring to burn me. Curling across my hair yet never setting them alight.
It was not until I had fallen backwards with a yelp of surprise that I realised I had been swaying slightly and that was when I saw it - the tiny flame grab hold of the leaf above my head and engulf it as quickly as quicksand would me if I were to step in it.

I cursed silently to myself as the entire palm tree began to set on fire; I really should have prepared myself for this back in uni. 

The End

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