Serena Laya: Lonely.Mature

I spat the sand on the ground. As if it wasn't enough that I had this massive weight pressing down on my chest (which didn't seem to be likely to go anywhere.. ever. It would probably help if I had been written into a story somewhere but.. well, why should that be important?) but now I'd been thrown face first onto a beach?
To add to my horror, looking at this sun... I was going to burn.

Seemingly just to oppose that thought, it began to rain. I rolled over, face upwards, I could've stayed there forever.

No worries, no fears.
No Stephan.

That was the important one really, no Stephan.

I closed my eyes and let the rain wash away the pain I still felt when I thought of his name. Stephan Watson.
Three years now and still I did not feel better. I was so young when he hurt me and now, as a seventeen year old, I felt no better than I had the day he said-
No he didn't. He just took the chance. I never knew what was coming.

The rain stopped and I opened my eyes, hoping to see someone above me - blocking the rain. But there was nobody there and the sun was beginning to poke its glossy head back around the clouds. I had nobody to share it with.

Nobody above, near to, beside or even far from me.

I was completely alone and as the feeling washed over me I fell forward and let the routine tears fall from my eyes onto the sand I hated so much. 

The End

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