Beauty Knight: Too Tall!Mature

The wave I'd been trying to avoid as I was swimming towards the land caught hold of my left leg, picked me up and threw me face first into a great big patch of sand.  I had no idea how I'd gotten onto this beach and frankly, I wasn't sure I really cared. I had been really quite happy just sitting at home, swinging my legs and being sure not to eat anything until my story had begun - and then suddenly, I'm dragged out of my home and thrown into the sea! I was starting to think my story was never going to begin..
And what was this island anyway? 

Granted, at that point it might not have been an island.

I looked around at my surroundings, beach stretching as far as my eyes could see to the right and to the left. Deciding that instead of walking through the island I could just look to the other side from here, I breathed deeply as I always did when using my power on command and felt the twisted liquid flow through my veins from the ground. It wasn't actually liquid of course but that was how it felt. It reached my eyes and they twinkled dramatically (making a show of themselves as always) as they allowed me to look through the trees and mountainous areas to the other side of the island. I could see it was an island now. And I could see there were no people. Fantastic. I rolled my eyes with the sarcasm in my mind and the twinkle disappeared along with my 'all-seeing' vision.
I sighed inwardly before screaming out to see if there was anyone here, hiding somehow from my view. No reply. I had figured it was at least worth a try.
I really didn't have time to be here. Actually, that wasn't true at all, life was on hold while I had no story to be in so actually it was kind of liberating being here.
Oh God. But what about Jessica? I made to call out for her and then something clicked in my mind; if I were to put someone on a desert island, would I really put the love of their life there too? No. Not to mention the fact that Jessica can't hide from my gaze and I did not see her anywhere.

I began to walk in the direction I was facing in the hope that I would eventually reach a point where another person would arrive on the island. Although, after walking into about seventeen branches (I hate being this tall) I had begun to tire of walking aimlessly and, strangely enough, came across a branch-less clearing. Well, wasn't that convenient.

This was starting to feel a bit like another story.

The End

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