Jim: Waking up

I  opened my eyes slowly to reveal, a house? I tried to sit up only to groan in pain. Ugh, what had happened the past few days? Oh yeah. Disaster. I moved more slowly this time, sitting up and seeing the bandages around my now bare torso. Guess I had a few rib problems. I looked around and saw each member of our group, each fixed up and bandaged with clean, official looking bandages, and some were even moving around!

"Ah, Jim, you're awake." Said a girl I didnt recognize at first, then I realized, the angel, who'd come and rescued us, she began unwrapping the bandages and looking at my wounds. "I almost thought you wouldnt make it, you were delirious when I found you, I'm Angela." She barely took a breath during this speech. "You're going to have to stay put for a while, no getting up until you've healed. I must admit I was surprised when you guys washed up on my island, from that summer camp across the way? Usually people can at least manage to stay on their feet and find me but you," She paused, laughing. "You cant seem to manage taking care of yourselves, let alone each other. Bunch of small town kids, thinking you could survive in the wilderness after reading a few books and taking a few classes? Its not that easy..." I stopped paying attention after a while, focusing instead on her very long brown braid that swayed over her shoulder while she worked, or her smooth tan skin and big eyes.

Someone made a comment on her tale.

"You're lucky I found you, thats all I'm saying." She retorted and proceeded to wrap me up again.

"How did you come to be here?" I asked, my voice was all scratchy and I wondered how long I'd been out.

"Oh, I've been here for nearly three years now. Came on my own, my parents bought me this island, they're super rich, and said that if I wanted to be on my own, then to survive here. And I have. They gave me a solar powered phone so I could call for help, I use it to order supplies, but I've got a decent place now and I'm not going to give it up. I dont need any parents telling me how to live my life when I can live it perfectly well out here."

What a girl.

The End

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