Dean: more people

I just woke up. I was on a beach. I sat up, I felt my body with my right hand. I was alive! I looked at my left arm, someone had wrapped it to stop the bleeding, but the stump was still wide open. 

"Ah your awake?" 

I looked to see the girl I saw earlier, probably the one that pretty uch saved my life. 

"Yeah, thanks, I'm alive." I said still not believing that I was alive. "What's your name?" I managed to ask.

"Oh, I'm Nessie" she said 

"Thank you Nessie," I said and managed a smile. "Where are we?" 

"I don't know that either." she said "All I know is that its an island." 

I winced in pain, my left arm hurt like no other. 

"I'm sorry I can't be of much use to you, only having one arm and all." 

She managed a weak smile, "there is hardly anyone able to work in our whole group." she said

"Theres more people?" I asked dumb founded

"Yeah, wanna come meet them?"

I nodded and went to go meet the group.

The End

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