Jim: Dead?

I opened my eyes to bright sunlight. I had to close them again almost immediately. There was pain, a lot of it, in my side. How long'd I been out? I turned my head to the side and looked, there was a new guy here, bleeding, I couldnt tell from where, and still out of it. I tried to move but I couldnt.

"Wh-what'd I miss?" I managed to get out. No one said anything. I felt weak, I couldnt lift my head, I hurt all over, but everyone else seemed to be in the same position, suddenly it dawned on me. I was in the woods, dilligently working on my boat for three days straight, then some snake thing had come out of its hiding place and bitten me. I didnt remember a whole lot after that, but apparently I was back on the beach with everyone else, and we were all gonna die. I closed my eyes and lay there limply, trying to ignore the bright light, ignore the pain, say my last prayers and die with dignity.

Soft footprints padded towards our lifeless group. I squinted and saw an angel coming towards us, long hair swinging loose down her back.

"What are all of you doing on my island?" The angel said. She had a great voice, a strong voice, a confident voice. "And how did you all get hurt so badly?"

The End

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