Dean: There's people here?!

The man flew away. I'm dead! I thought. Nobody's here and this wound is bleeding fast! I sat around crying for a little while, no not crying whimpering, I was whimpering! Then I heard something behind me, I looked and saw a girl. A person! Another person! As you could imagine my head wasn't really working right, after the incident with my hand. So I pulled out my bowie knife as quick as I could and stood on my feet. Which was a mistake, I defeated myself. I had lost too much blood and I was swaying, swaying, until I landed face-first into the dirt.

"Who are you?" I heard the girl say

I dont know. Who was I? Then I finally gathered my thoughts. "Dean, my names Dean." 

"what? How did you get here?"

But before I could answer some other people were carrying me off. Then I couldn't hold on any longer. I blacked out! 

The End

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