"Sir," I heard the big man say "the storm has stopped." 

"Good, good" the sound of the raspy voice made me shudder. "Take the boy in the chopper, his parents have refused to pay our ransom, so we will get rid of him." 

"But how, sir? Where will we take him?" 

"Oh I don't know drop him off somewhere, I don't care where as long as we are rid of him." I saw the big man come over to get me, but he was stopped. 

"Wait, Jack" he told the man. He motioned for the man to come over to him and whispered something in his ear.

"Very well, sir." he came over to me and hit me on the head. That was the last thing I remembered, until I woke up, tied down in a helicopter. I knew I was going somewhere, but I didn't know exactly where. He did mention a storm so I assumed I was going out to sea on an island or something, it hardly mattered, I knew I was going to die soon anyway. I hated going with these guys! I felt so helpless against them! Usually I could take on just about anyone, but this guy was just too strong! Oh, sorry my names Dean. I'm 16 and I lived in Arizona at the time. I was a farmer, and we owned a very large farm, several in fact. Needless to say my parents were of no small wealth, supplying most markets products and all. But anyway back to my story. The big man threw me outside, I realized I was on an island. He threw down a pack filled with stuff and a machete.

"There," he said "that should get you by for awhile." He also threw down something else, my bowie knife. 

"There is one more thing I have to do kid," he said pulling out a large knife of his own, "no hard feelings or nothin." I looked at him and that knife, not a very comforting sight. He grabbed my hand and I felt the biggest pain in my wrist I have felt EVER! I screamed so loud I wouldn't be surprised if the people back in California could hear my scream. I realized what the man had done, he cut off my hand! He looked at me almost sympathetically.

"Just doing my job." I would have charged him with my bowie knife but my left hand, or rather my left stub now, wouldn't let me. Instead I just laid back, trying to endure the pain. The man nodded at me, took my severed hand, and flew away leaving me on an island, for all I knew I was alone. But little did I know. I groaned, the storm would come back, and I would be in the middle of it, helpless. 

The End

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