Sarah: the search for food

Great. Just great. A shipwreck, broken bones, and now Jim is half dead. I have no idea how he survived. After all, a barracuda is huge. It could have easily bitten his head off in one bite. As bad as our situation is, I think we're lucky. That cliff is huge, and nobody's died yet. And what about this hurricane? It's gone on for about a week now. I just hope we can all make it home together. I sure wouldn't want to send my kid to summer camp, just for them to never return.


"Yay! Cassidy proclaimed. The hurricanes over!"

"I wouldn't get your hopes up. This is only the eye. It will seem calm for a while, but in afew days the wind and rain will return, only to be worse than before." Everybody went silent. I felt really stupid. All our celebrations were cut short by my statement.

"Oh. well, we had better prepare while we can." Cassidy replied. Looking over to our food supply, she added, "We need more food. But nobody knows the island."

"Actually," I replied, "You guys should probably work on our shelter. The second half of a hurricane is often the worse. I'll og get the food." That last part gave me a funny look from Karissa. "I know what I'm doing," I stubbornly remarked. "I saw some rasberry bushed earlier. It won't take long for me ot get some."

"Fine. There's no use arguing wiht you. You've always been right before. Just be careful, ok? We don't need onother person to get hurt."

" Ok. Sheesh! How old do you think I am, two?" Before she could reply, I hobbled out into the woods. like I thought, I spied some berries. Problem was, they were on the very edge of the cliff. Very carefully, I made my way to the edge. But then, I was tired. My lack of meals was getting to me. Instead of sitting down like I should have, I just leaned on my crutch. That was my mistake. Quickly, the grould fell out from uder me. In a panic, I grabbed the first thing I could find. Lucky for me, it was a huge tree root. It would hold, at least until I could get up. My only problem was keeping a grip on it. You see, in Elementary school, I was the only one who couldn't hold on the the monkey bars. I hung there, in complete terror, hoping I would get some magica lgrip I didn't think exhisted. My hopes were not fulfilled. I felt my hands slipping. While frantically trying to get a grip, I cried out:

"Help! Somebody help me!" Then quietly to myself, I added, "Please?" Then I saw the cliff go by at an impossible speed. I tried to land on my feet, to ubsorb the shock of the fall. That was a mistalke. Last I remember was an excruciating pain in my good ankle. I looked down and saw the strange angle it was bent at. Then, due the the extrame pain, I blacked out.


"Sarah!" I was finally concious. Somewhere in teh trees, I heard people calling to me.

"I'm over here!" I cried weakly. Like an idiot, I attempted to walk to them. My newly injured ankle prevented me fron doing so.

"Are you ok?"Now I recognized the voice. It was Kevin.

"Define ok." I added.

"Can you walk towards us?"


"What did you do?"

"I'll explain later. I'm at the edge of the cliff!"

"Great. Did you fall off?"


"Stay right there! We're coming for you!"

"Oh trust me. I'm not going anywhere." As I waited, I tried to create some sort of a splint. Finally, I found two large sticks and tied them together with some fairly sturdy vines. It looked ridiculous, but I could almost walk with it. As I was tying the vines, Kevin and Karissa appeared throught the trees. When they saw my ankle, plastered on both their faces was a look of shock.

"I can't believe it." This time Karissa was talking. "You broke your other ankle? How could you be so stupid?"

"You don't have to get so angry at me. It's not like I purpously jumped of the cliff."

"You're right. I'm sorry. It's just that I'm so worried. Nothing is going right. Now half of our campers are completely immobile."

"I can still help!" I protested.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not letting you drag yourself across the sand." After she said that, I felt an immense feeling of disapointment. Even thought I knew I didn't try to fall, I still felt guilty. Why couldn't I hold on?

"Come on kid." Kevin added

"Uh, I can't walk."

"Of course you can't." He lifted me up on his sholders, trying not to disturb either of my ankles. Though it was easy for him to do just weeks earlier, I could tell the lack of food was getting to him as well. He struggled to carry me, but eventually, he got to camp, where many campers were staring, open mouthed at me. Last I remember he layed me down in the sand. Then, I fell asleep for who knows how long.


The End

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