James: Oh, shizz

We were all having a pretty bad week.

I try to get into a good sulk and then Cassidy has to ruin it with a sarcastic "You're an idiot."

I mean, seriously! You would be pretty mad if someone made you smile when you were trying to be mad. And then I was going to go off on her because she had destroyed my frown that I had going there. Come on. The one time I try to be unhappy someone has to be sarcastic with me. And I can't help smiling when someone makes a smart-alec comment.

Then it starts hailing before I can get a nice sulk in. So Sarah paitently hands me her crutches and I hobble on over to the shelters where Karissa tells us we're in the middle of a hurricane. Great.

And now Jim is missing. Nice job there, Aporale! Go missing right before the hurricane swings into motion. That was really smart of you. Even I wouldn't go missing before a hurricane. And that's really saying something.

I looked over at the entrance of our shelter. I see something out in all of the rain and hail. There was a spot in the distance. It seems out of place in the uniform landscape. There was something different about this thing, but I couldn't quite tell what was so different about it.

This thing started getting closer. Was it Jim?

I tapped Bree's shoulder. She looks up at me and I point towards the thing. She sees what I'm pointing at.

"Is that Jim?" she asks.

I shrug. "Maybe. I can't tell. It could be some kind of animal."

"Jim is some kind of animal," she said in a tone as if she was reminding me.

I tried to hide my smile, but I didn't do a good job of it. "Let's just wait until it gets closer."

She nods and keeps an eye on the thing.

We continued digging out hole in the ground. After about ten minutes, we forgot about the spot and just focused on digging.

But after more time, I don't know how long, I heard a strangled cry.

We all looked up at the same time to see Cassidy with her hand slapped over her mouth.

We turned to see what she was looking at.

It was Jim, half dead. And he was bleeding, badly. He didn't seem to be missing any limbs, but his side was covered in blood.

"It was a barracuda," she gapsed. "They're more common by Australia, but they can be here, too..."

Karissa lifted Jim's shirt of his right side, where his bleeding was worse. There were three bites, which were red with blood.

Bree made a face like "Oh, shizz."

Kevin made a face like "That's gonna need more than a Band-Aid."

Karissa made a face like "I'm gonna be sick."

Sarah made a face like "That's gross."

Nessie made a face similar to Kevin's.

Cassidy made a face similar to Karissa's.

I made a face similar to Bree's.

But that definately was going to need more than a Band-Aid.

The End

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