Karissa -- Helpless

"Seriously. We should be on Man vs. Nature or something," James sneered, digging as desperatly as he could underneath the makeshift tarp we had made, "Next its going to be a crocodile attack."

I only shook my head and wiped the wet hair from my face, "Don't jinx us."

We continued digging at a feverish pace with antying we could find from sticks to hands. A few of the campers joined us. I knew our other two handicaps must've been feeling completely helpless but our main goal at this point was their survival. Not their personal feelings of satisfaction. All these guys had really begun to grow on me and I couldn't stand the thought of losing any one of them.

The wind suddenly picked up, howling through the trees, and hailstones continued to grow. tearing through our tarp. A few of the campers grunted in pain as the pelted us and it took all I had to not do the same. I was sure if any of us survived this, we'd have some good-sized welts to remember.

"It's no use!" I finally hollered above the noise to Kevin. Our hole was barely deep enough to fit one person up to their knees. We didn't have nearly enough time to finish it.

Kevin looked back up at me, completly helpless. This jolted me a little and I chided myself for becoming dependent on his ideas again. I needed to come up with my own. I immediatly began racking my brain for something but  one question threw me completely out of focus.

"Has anyone seen Jim?"

The End

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