Stormy Night

I really do want to get rescued. Really bad. This isnt fun. People are hurt, and complaining, and worrying and it isnt getting anywhere. We're stuck on this tiny island, and no one seems to be doing anything to fix that! Jim thought sourly as he hunkered down behind a tree that served as some sort of shelter from the storm. The rest of the campers were doing the same. Course, I'm not doing anything either, so I guess I'm a hypocrite.

Then an idea hit him, a wonderful idea. He was gonna build a boat, like a canoe and he was going to get everyone off this island. Jim knew no one really liked him. He'd been a jerk towards Cassie, he didnt exactly know why, maybe because she'd been the only one to give him any attention, he should apologize for that, and maybe explain that reasoning, perhaps even tell her about his idea. He crawled over toward the girl.

"Cassie." He hissed.

"Get away from me Jim!" She said sharply. Jim didnt move, a determined look in his eyes.

"Look, I know I've been a jerk. I came to apologize."

"Apology not accepted." Cassie snapped. "Go away."

Taking a deep breath, Jim did what she said, not going back to his tree, but going further into the forest, picking up branches from the ground as he went. He had a little pocket knife and when he'd gone some distance, he sat down, in the rain and the wind, and started whittling. He was gonna get off this island, go back home, and seriously rethink his life. There were more important things than girls, for starters, and he never wanted to get on a boat again after this trip.

The End

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