Sarah: More Rain? Really?

Well, by now we decided if we didn't get rescued soon, everybody would die out here. After all, we have one broken ankle, a broken arm, a twisted ankle, and who knows what else. And now Cassidy has been bitten by a snake. We really were desperate. So, the two people who can't seem to do anything were supposed to help carry wood. Ok, so they were just tiny sticks. But, anything helps. While gathering wood, I noticed James talking to Kevin. He seemed disapointed. So, once Kevin left, I hobbled over to James.

"You seem pretty miserable."

"Well, my arm is broken and I can't walk. What do you expect?"

"Good point. Would you like to use one of my crutches?"

"No. I can walk on my own. Besides, you need them more."

"Well, I can get around with only one crutch."

"It doesn't matter. Even if I did have a crutch, I probably wouldn't be able to help with anything. The hand not holding the crutch would be my broken one."

"Yes, but at least you would be able to walk around."

"No thanks. I don't need it."

"Ok, if you say so." But as I left, I made sure to place one of my crutches on the sand a few feet away from him. He looked at them for a minute, then he looked away. At first I wouldered if I should go grab it. But then I decided to just wait and see what he would do. I was watching James for so long, I didn't even notice when I got hit with little raindrops. But then it turned to hail. James and I turned as we heard the faint cry of the councelers.

"Storm! Everybody to the shelters!"

"Great. Camp Anchor had never gotten a single rainstorm the entire time I've been here. But it choses now, of all times, to start. We can barely see everybody running around, the rain is so thick. Frantically, James tries ot stand up. But as he falls over again, I hand him the crutch on the ground. This time, he thankfully grabs it. We both quickly hobble over the the shelters. I made it there a long time before he did, since I was used to the crutches. Once i got there, I found that they had made a huge shelter for everybody  to sit under at one time if it rains on us like this. I quickly  linp inside, only to find Karissa standing there, ready to dry me off with the already soaked towells, made from spare bits of clothing. I was at the moment wearing Kevin't sweater, now dry but hard from all the saltwater poured on it.

"Sarah! Where's James? And where is your other crutch?"

"James is on his way over here. He has my other crutch."

"What's taking him so long?"

"Walking with two crutches is one thing, but walking with one is much harder."

"Great. So there's no knowing how long her will take to get here." As if right on cue, James limps in. Kevin is trying desperately to dry him off, but all the other clothes are soaked. One of the already dry kids hand him a sweater.

"Wow Sarah" James excalimed "I don't know how you get around with these things. All they do is get in my way."

"Well, that's because you're still trying to walk with them. You have to put all your weight on them and kind of hop."

"Well, I wish you would have told me that before!" Karissa stopped our conversation short as she hurried us to a bench made of wood. There's nobody sitting there.

"Did you make that for James and I?

"Well, yes. I know it's hard trying to sit down and get up on the ground with crutches, so we decided you could at least be a bit more comfortable while you sat around and watched us."

"We don't have to watch you know."

"I saw you awkwardly carrying little twigs. You're watching next time."

"Fine." again looking at tha bench, I added: "You didn't have to do that."

"Well, we can't seem to start a signal fire. It goes out every time we try. So I guess we should make ourselves more at home. After all, there's no telling how long we'll be out here." By now, the councelers had gone beyng the point of reassuring us we'd get home. They didn't want to make any promises they couldn't keep. James and I greatfully sat down at the bench and accepted a warm meal of something. It was another freeze-dried meal. I didn't pay any attention to what it was. I was just happy that I was warm and dry in here, and the storm was out there. While we were sitting there, the councelers made an announcement.

"Well, as you know, our signal fire went out. There's no point in trying to start another one. As many of you returning campers know, camp started early this year. Because of that, we are right in the middle of the rainy season. The two storms we've had are nothing to what can be ahead. Especially since we're out on the ocean. This particular area is known to have frequent hurricanes during the wet months" Kevin said. AS he announced it, a feeling of worry swept over the entire area. Finally, Karissa spoke up.

"Because of this, we would like everybody to stay in or around this shelter. We will have to dig some sort of pits to keep us safe during the hurricanes, if one ever does happen. We're all going to help, unless your injuries or illness projibits you to do so." As she said this, she looked straight at me, James, and Bree. We all opened out mouths to object, but all decided not to."I thing we will just dig under this shelter. That way we can be protected form the winds. But only if there is a real hurricane." The way she kept repeating that we weren't in a hurricane, the more we though we were. Karissa must have sensed this, because her next sentence was:"Oh who am I kidding? This storm is the beginning of a hurricane. And we're not at all prepared. The most we can do is wait and hope it doesn't reach us."

The entire camp fell silent. Nobody bothered to ask whether they were kidding or not. Right now, our situation was of no laughing matter. We were in the middle of a hurricane.


The End

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