Cassidy: Snake bite

My arms were sore from picking up and carrying the wood for our signal fire. Everyone except Karissa and Kevin took a break. I saw James sulking in front of his hut so I went and sat by him.

"Why so glum?" I asked.

He looked at me, frowned, then went back to glareing at the ground.

I sighed. "James."

He looked at me.

"Your an idiot." I said.

"Thanks." he said dryly.

"Well you are. Just think James, you could have gotten killed in that fall so be gratful that your alive and stop sulking just because you cant help bring wood for a fire or other things. You just need to suck it up and be man because glaring at the ground and being mad at the world isnt going to make your body heal any faster. So smile and be happy."

I jumped up and walked to my little hut before he could respond.

I wander towards the edge of the woods just behind the huts. I was bare foot and stepped on something rough and scaley. I looked down to see a sandy colored snake that blended  in with sand. It was all over so quick I didnt even have time to scream. The disgusting snake hissed at me and bit my ankle. I ran back towards camp. Karissa imediately asked what was wrong. I told her but I  got a look at it and I know its not posionous. She made me sit down while she looked at my ankle. I heard a hissing sound behind my left ear. I turned around to find Jim holding it. I screamed.

"Jim! Get that thing away from me!"

He laughed. "Nah Cassie. I think I'll keep it as a pet to remind me our time here."

I swatted his arm. He laughed ane took off towards the woods to let it go.

I shook my head and looked at my ankle. It was red and it hurt a little but not that bad. "I am such and idiot." I said.

Karissa shook her head no. I sighed and looked out at the sea as she bandaged my leg. I really hope that were recused soon. I miss home.


The End

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