Day Four, or is it Five?

I woke up stiff and aching. Who knew survival could be so hard on the muscles? Better than a workout any day. Hard on the nerves too though. Karissa had snapped a couple of times, Bree and James had both taken dives of a cliff. No one was dead yet, so that was good.

I stepped out of the  hut and into the bright sunlight of another day on the island. The fire was low, and no one else seemed to be awake yet, so I threw some more wood on it, blew on it a bit and took off into the forest. Maybe we could find something helpful today, like a spring of good fresh water. That'd be good. I picked up a long branch and used it as a walking stick as I jumped over branches and bushes, looking for water. I tried to remember what indicated water, besides plants, and there were plenty of those. I looked for mud, or amphibians of some kind, I heard the french ate frog legs, maybe we could eat frogs. I made a face at the thought. After about an hour, I'd had no luck. I went back.

"Hey guys, I'm back." I entered the camp again, everyone was awake now, and our three invalids looked up from around the fire. Nessie scowled at me, and I grinned back sarcastically. I knew I'd bugged her, but she'd get over it.

"I think maybe we should make a signal fire." I sat down in the sand next to the fire, staring into the faint flames, there wasnt a whole lot of smoke right now. "If we threw some seaweed onto it, wouldn't the smoke turn all thick and black? We could use some big leaves to make puffs. And the winds pretty light." I scowled a bit. I should have suggested this two days ago, but I was stubborn and wanted to spend some time in the wild first, now look, three people hurt, nearly dead. Our supplies were running low. We needed to get back home, so I needed to grow up.

The End

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