Bree: Let's Make It A Game

I left camp with Nessie, Jim, and Kevin. Our water bottles were full with filtered water, thanks to Sarah's solution. It amazes me sometimes the things she can come up with. You wouldn't think she was only 15.

"Goodbye Karissa, tell James I hope he feels better!" I called back into the distance where I could barely make out Karissa sitting by the fire, exaughsted from her job of mending.

She turned and bellowed, "Sure thing, Bree." I turned around to find the others already ten feet away. They could walk fast, they were older, that gave them a disadvantage. Well, game on.

"Hey Ness." I said as I carried my short legs as fast as I could.

"What now Bree?"

"How about we make this a game." She stared at me bewildered.

"Last one to the cliff's a rotten egg!" I yelled and sped off.

I was a good runner, but when I was walking I sure was clumsy. When I'm running I don't think about things, I don't trip over rocks, and my knees don't wobble.

The wind whipped at my face. Goosebumps rose on my arms and legs. Darn, I forgotto bring my jacket. How stupid of me.

I didn't see things as I passed. I looked over my shoulder as Nessie. She was trying as hard as she could, but no one can beat the runner.

As I was looking over my shoulder I din't notice the cliff coming closer, and before I knew it I was falling threw the air.

Man, why am I reanacting James's problems?

With a thud I landed on solid ground and collapsed into a heap of sweat. Well, this sucks.


The End

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