Sarah: Bored

It was now day three. I was completely bored from standing there in the sand all day. But my boredome was the least of my worries. Our water bottles were beyond empty, and we were definitely getting dehydrated. Cassidy has been the first one to be attacked by the immense thirst. She was at the the moment sitting by the fire with James. Kevin was trying desperately to revive her with a damp washcloth. Karissa was st the moment working with James, who had a broken arm and a very bad ankle. Though it wasn't broken as far as we could tell, it was sprained pretty bad. So now we had two cripples and a dehydrated camper.  I tried desperately to think of a water purifying system. The water purifier needed a new filter, the one it had was waterlogged and dirty. Finally, I remembered something. I excitedly wobbled over to Karissa.

"I know of something Ican do to help!"

"Well, can you please go talk to Kevin? I'm kind of busy right now. James needs immediate attention." So, I hobbeled over to the other side fo the fire to Kevin.

"I know how we can get some drinkable water!" Kevin suddenly jerked his head towards me. I could tell he was thirsty. After all, he had given up most of his water to us kids.

"How? Is it garanteed to work?"

"Yes, it is. WE have pots, right?"

"Yes, we do."

"Great. We're going to need some fabric, preferrabely not polyester."

"I have a sweater in the tent. It's kindof waterlogged, byt ti will work."

"Great. I'll go get it. Where is it?"

"In the corner." I quickly went over to the tent and grabbed the sweater. Then I filled a pot with salt water. I put another pot on the fire. "How is this going to work? The water's too salty to drink! All it will do is dehydrate us more."

"Just watch." I placed the sweater on top of the pot sitting on the fire, careful not to let it touch the flames. Then I poured the other pan full of water on top of the sweater. To Kevin's astonishment, when I picked up the sweater, it was covered in a tiny pile of salt.  "Now we just have to boil it>" I said, "to purify it."

"Sarah! You're a lifesaver!"

"It was nothing. When your bis dying of thirst, you think of anything that might work." I quickly walked over to my hut. I grabbed my pack. It had two wire poles in it for a frame. I pulled them out and handed them to Karissa.

"What are these for?" Karissa questioned me.

"Just look." I bent them to look like an L. Then I placed one of them right next to James's arm.

"For a splint, right. Thanks Sarah. Have I ever told you how helpful your knowledge is?"

"Don't worry about it. I just think fast when in an emergency."

After that, I wandered out to the beach. The jagged rocks seem to have become a favorite place to sit. I have seem almost every camper out here at least once. I sat down. I was feeling extremely dizzy. Though I knew I should go back to camp, I just sat there, hoping the feeling would go away. But then I started shaking everywhere. Before I hit the rocks with a loud thud, I barely had time to utter a single word:


The End

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