Cassidy: Woozy

"Hey has anyone seen James?"

Earlier this morning at breakfast Kevin had annouced that we would be going on an adventure into the jungle to look for food, streams, supplies, etc. He also said that we would be working with the buddy system and that we would go by tent mates. Which meant me and Sarah, Jim and James, Bree and Nessie, and the consulars. But because Sarah hurt her ankle she isnst coming so Karissa is staying with her at camp. So that changed up our plan. Now it was Jim and Kevin, Bree and Nessie stayed together  because neither of them wanted to buddy up with James, so that meant he was now my buddy.

While everyone was goofing around I got ready for our hike. Which just meant putting on my extra black shirt with my favorite band logo, my hollister hoodie, my muddy sneakers, and finding my buddy. Now that brings me back to--

"has anyone seen James?"

Karissa turned towards me.

"What did you say Cassie?"

I sighed. "Has anyone seeen James?"

After that everyone started looking for him. He was no where around camp so we headed into the jungle. It felt like forever before we finally came to a small cliff. Me, Bree, and Nessie all looked down.

We saw a boy's body lying still on the ground.

"Oh my gosh!" Nessie put her hand over her mouth. Everyone rushed to look down.

"James!" I called down.

"Im down here!" he called back.

We all started climbing down towards him. When we got to him he was in pretty bad shape. He looked happy to see all of us. James tried to sit up put fell back down. Jim came over and picked him up. In that moment we realized that we didnt know how to bring him back up to the top of the cliff. Kevin and Bree explored the surrounding area for a bit and found a hill back up.

It felt like forever before we finally made it back to camp. Karissa emediately started tending to James. I volenteered to stay and help her while everyone went out exploring.

When they left I went stood on the edge of the beach. I had taken off my shoes and rolled up my jeans so the water just barely rolled over my  feet.  I turned to look at karissa who was kneeling with James by the dying fire. i couldnt help but think of the bad luck this group has been having.

My thoughts were broken when my arm with the gash started hurting. It had been ever since the first day. Usally the pain goes away fast but it stayed. I cried out in pain before I started feeling woozy and the world going black. I heard someon call out my name before crumpling to the sand.

The End

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