The Beginning of Day Three

I called to all our little campers that breakfast was ready and finished putting away the rest of our provisions, ignoring the fact that they were numbered.

"Smells good," Kevin grinned, coming out of his hut.

"Yeah," I chuckled, "Nothing like pre-packaged biscuits and gravy.

He smiled in turn and then greeted the campers as they surrounded the campfire. This would be day three. The emotions of the campers seemed generally the same as when we arrived. Some were worried, others were content, and still others were unreadable.

We sat in the sand and Kevin began his usual habit of striking up conversation. Jim eagerly jumped in and most of the others made comments ever so often. I ate silently, simply glad that there seemed to be no rivalries in this group. The last thing we needed at a time like this was drama.

"What do you think, Karrissa?"

I looked up at Kevin's sudden question, realizing I hadn't been paying attention.

"Think of what?"

"Cassidy claims that Sarah could outrun me even with her ankle," he accused.

"Well that's a no brainer," I smirked, "Sarah's smarter than you too."

Kevin shook his head in mock-disapointment, "And I thought having matching shirts meant something."

"Not when their this color," I laughed, motioning to the neon-orange polyester.

We all sat quietly for a moment while everyone finished their food, broken by Kevin yawning. He stretched his arms out and then slowly brought them down before slapping Nessie on the leg, "Tag, you're it!"

Most everyone laughed and jumped into the game, sending sand flying everywhere. Chuckling, I cleaned up and then went to Sarah.

"How are you doing?" I asked, beginning to change her muddy bandages out.

"Fine," she shrugged, watching the other kids longingly. I followed her gaze and then smirked.

"Ever played chicken?"


"Here," I tightly wrapped fresh bandages around her ankle and then hoisted her onto my shoulders, "Our target is Kevin. For leaving you out."

She snickered and, with a battle yell, I ran forwards. Kevin spun around at the last minute and laughed as we tackled him, causing all three of us to collapse in a pile. Soon everyone else joined in until we had an entire giggling dog pile. I could only hope Sarah's ankle survived.

"Okay," Kevin strained for breath, "I get the hint. You can get off now."

We only countinued to laugh. And then one voice interrupted it,

"Hey, has anyone seen James?"

The End

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