Bree: Survival in the Wild

I got partnered up with Nessie. I personally didn't like Nessie, it's not that she's a bad person, just we have nothing in common. I would've prefered Sarah or Cassidy, but not, Nessie. The only good thing was we were almost the same age.

I walked toward the tent, the sand sinking into my toes. Stupid idea to wear flipflops. Who's idea was it, Mom? I started humming a lullaby, from when I was three. My mother used to sing it to make me fall asleep, I missed those days.

Sometimes I just wish we could go back in time.

"Bree." Someone catched their breath. I turned around. It was Sarah, crutches and all.


"Oh, time for dinner."

"Oh okay."

Sarah hopped away, me tagging behind her. We turned the corner, and the warmth of the fire, pulled me in. I shivered in the breeze and sat down nest to Karissa, she patted my head.

We passed around the tray of food, the counselers told us not to get to much, we were running low. The plate came my way, and the smell of potatoes filled my nose. And I started drooling. Before one drop hit the deliciousness, I scooped a handful and shoved it in my mouth. Dinner never tasted so good.

The End

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